[OUT NOW] Caius - Differences

Caius' new single 'Differences' is OUT NOW on LA NUIT!
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[OUT NOW] Caius - Differences

Caius' new single 'Differences' is out now on our own label LA NUIT.

Danish house sensation brings back 00’s classic in new disco wrapping.

CAIUS sets the groove with ‘DIFFERENCES’

Having previously shown that he is a master in balancing and blending genres, Caius is now bringing back the 00’s hit “Differences” in a new unique blend of classic R&B, Disco and House. The track is driven by the soulful vocal harmonies of R&B layered on top of a moving disco bassline, which makes it hard to not move your head. The track is a modern take on disco with classic funk guitars and synthesizers, and housy drums.

Caius has had an amazing 2021 already with his sultry house releases such as ‘In The Sun’ and ‘Sweet Days’ that have been heard all over the world. But the Danish producer continues to claim his spot as one of the most interesting house talents of the year with another rule breaking house release ‘Differences’.

Already loved in the blogosphere since his earliest releases, Caius made a lasting impression with breakthrough record ‘Your Love’ in 2019. Featuring warm organ chords and temporized beats, the record launched Caius to even wider support, receiving acclaim from fans, media and fellow artists. With the track currently counting well over 6 million Spotify streams, quite an accomplishment for such a deep tune, the Danish tastemaker has continued to deliver heart-warming records, standing out from his contemporaries with gentle yet amazingly produced tunes.

Caius premiered a new analog live setup at the Danish music industry festival ‘SPOT’ this September with a packed crowd. And his new disco tune ‘Differences’ will no doubt be able to make the crowd move at any future show.

Any listener who were young in the 00’s will instantly recall the beautiful melodies of ‘Differences’, but yet the new unique take on the production will surprise every part of the way. The track has a massive groove with complex percussion, drums and the immortal sound of live funk bass. Yet the R&B vocal harmonies make it stand out from anything we’ve heard before.

“Growing up I  was a huge R&B lover, and I’ve always loved the impressive raw vocal talent of many of the 00’s R&B stars, who came from singing soul at the church. In my teens I fell in love with disco and yet again the complexity and talent of these instrumentalists who’s way beyond most popular artists and producers we see today. So I had the idea to try and blend the vocals I loved from R&B with the instrumentation from disco, and ‘Differences’ is what came out of it.” - Caius

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