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Kid Honda grew up with his parents in a small village just north of Copenhagen, where poor artists were allowed to live for a very cheap rent. Since a young age he was raised sur- rounded by people within different artistic fields, and was dragged by his dad, who was an art painter and photographer, to underground events of the 90s and early 00s Copenhagen art scene. 

Experimenting with various art genres himself, he got into music production at the age of 14 and worked his way into the industry slowly throughout his teens. After working behind the curtains for some years as a producer, he felt the urge to start a project where he could fully express himself. 

As he witnessed his surroundings getting more artificial by giving in to fleeting trends and the need to overproduce everything. Intuitively he went into the opposite direction and focussed on the old deeds of songwriting and humble productions. He found inspiration with artists like Daniel Johnston, who Honda in some way felt “underproduced” all his music, but showed that this simplicity often leaves room for emotions in a song.


Diving into this pool of inspiration and simplicity got him writing about growing up in the suburbs resulted in a bundle of songs written and produced in his bedroom. The place where sounds of mellow and minimalistic pop, with jazzy chords and soul references merged with his organic sound design. Which is when he decided this should be released under the alias “Kid Honda” as a reference to his Norwegian last name “Åndahl” (pronounced Ondal)’.

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