Kid Honda

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Kid Honda grew up with his parents in a small village just north of Copenhagen, where poor artists were allowed to live cheaply. From a young age, he was surrounded by people in diverse artistic fields, with his dad, a painter and photographer, often dragging him to many underground events, all orchestrated by the 90’s and early-00’s Copenhagen art scene.


Experimenting with various art-genres himself, Kid Honda began producing at the age of 14, working his way into the industry throughout his teens. After producing behind the curtains for some years, Kid Honda felt the urge to initiate a project where he could fully express himself as an original artist. This path to self-discovery was influenced by his environment, having witnessed his surroundings becoming more artificial, giving into fleeting trends and overproduction. Because of this realization, Kid Honda intuitively went the opposite direction, focusing on traditional elements of songwriting and humble production. 


Wanting to advance his skills, Kid Honda found inspiration through artists like Daniel Johnston, who he felt in some way “underproduced” all of his music, discovering that simplicity leaves more room for the audience to fill the song with their own emotions. Diving into this pool of inspiration, Honda began writing about his experience of being raised in the suburbs, resulting in a bundle of songs produced in his bedroom.


Zoning in on new themes, Honda soon discovered his authentic sound, which can be described as a place where the sounds of mellow, minimalistic-pop seamlessly merge with jazzy chords and soul references, resulting in an beautifully organic sound design. It was also due to this personal, nostalgic relationship with his childhood that Kid Honda chose such a moniker for himself as an ode to his Norwegian last name “Åndahl” (pronounced Ondal)

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